The Government of Nunavut will airlift 120,000 litres of diesel fuel to Sanikiluaq in June to alleviate a shortage.

"The community of Sanikiluaq is currently facing a shortage of diesel fuel until this year's resupply can arrive by ship," Allan Rumbolt, MLA for Sanikiluaq, told the legislature Tuesday.


Lorne Kusugak, Nunavut's minister of Community and Government Services, told the legislature Tuesday that 120,000 litres of diesel fuel will be airlifted to Sanikiluaq in June. (CBC)

Rumbolt said part of the problem is a lack of fuel storage on the Belcher Islands and he asked the government what they were going to do about the situation.

Minister of Community and Government Services Lorne Kusugak said in addition to the airlift his department will send three temporary tanks on the sealift this summer to be used until an upgraded tank farm can be built.

"It's unfortunate but we will begin to run into this issue throughout the territory as communities grow and people gain more mobile equipment," said Kusugak.

Kusugak said no other communities are experiencing fuel shortages at this time.