Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, hunters harvest trapped belugas

Beluga whales that were trapped by ice near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, in February have all been harvested by hunters and polar bears.

Beluga whales that were trapped by ice near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut, have all been harvested.

The whales were found stuck on Feb. 14.

"We first estimated there to be 25-30 whales," said Moses Appaqaq, a hunter from Sanikiluaq. "When the last one was harvested, there were over 70 whales."

Appaqaq said polar bears caught and ate 20 whales.

He said two bears were harvested because they got too close to people.

Sanikiluaq has a quota of 25 bears this winter... so far hunters there have caught 22.

The three remaining tags will be distributed through a raffle system.