The Chief of the Salt River First Nation in Fort Smith, N.W.T., is responding to claims that a band meeting she called last week was illegal.

At the meeting, three councillors were voted off council. They claim the chief did not give the required 14 days' notice. They add that she needed consent from council to hold the meeting.


The letter takes up a full page in a local paper. It is the latest in a string of recent issues within the First Nation. (CBC)

On Monday, Chief Frieda Martselos and some of the councillors took out a full-page ad in a local newspaper.

The ad says Judith Gale, Connie Benwell and Joline Beaver are no longer councillors of the First Nation. It says it is the "undoubted" right of the chief to call a special meeting of the electors, and that the "Chief alone" may do this without 14 days’ notice.

When contacted by CBC News, Martselos said she is acting in the best interest of the Salt River First Nation and recent comments made by the disputed councillors in the media lack credibility.