Reconstruction is under way at the arena in Ross River, Yukon, but it’s not a new building, despite promises from the Yukon government.

The old arena was gutted by fire two years ago.

"They wanted, obviously, for budget purposes, to try to reuse what you can," said Rick Gelson, the superintendent for Ketza Construction, the company working at the site.


The arena will not be new - instead, a new exterior will be added to the old beams. (CBC)

Instead of a new building, a new exterior will be built around the old steel beams which remained after the fire.

"And we'll start sandblasting and cleaning up the other steel, repainting and recladding and going from there," said Gelson.

Gelson said this approach is much cheaper.

He said the beams have been tested for safety and strength.

"The old steel is going to stay, the structure will stay that you see, the trusses, the columns and so on will stay. We've repaired all the piles out front as you can see."

Some people in Ross River wonder why the community isn't getting a brand new facility, as promised.

The remediated building is scheduled to be ready in September.