A group of Ross River, Yukon, residents is taking a "wait and see" attitude to Yukon government negotiations about the town's historic suspension bridge.

Residents have been camped on the ice near the bridge for more than a week to prevent access by crews contracted to demolish the bridge.

Senior officials from the premier's office visited Ross River this week to talk with First Nation and community leaders about the future of the bridge.

Community members such as Josh Barichello say they're not ready to leave their camp on the ice based on a single meeting.

"We don't know yet what the final outcomes will be of that meeting," he said. "They've come up with some options.

"I can say that we are going to be here making sure that the bridge doesn't go down this season, because there hasn't been adequate consultation."

Barichello says the camp will stay and community members will block any attempts to send demolition equipment or crews sent in to dismantle the bridge.

Cabinet spokesperson Elaine Schiman says no decisions have been made about what the government will do next. Schiman says options were discussed with the Ross River Chief and Council, and says public safety remains the biggest concern for the Yukon Government. 

Demolition contractors are still "standing by" to dismantle the historic bridge, she says. Schiman says there is no timeline for how or when the government will proceed​.