Roadwork stalls traffic in Yellowknife

Construction on Highway 3 and at the intersection of Old Airport Road and Taylor Road has been creating long lineups for vehicles.

Water and sewer replacement blocks major intersection

Yellowknife drivers face delays due to roadwork on Highway 3. (Leila Beaudoin/CBC)

Drivers in Yellowknife can likely expect a slower-than-usual drive downtown again this morning.

Roadwork on Highway 3 and construction at the intersection of Old Airport Road and Taylor Road has been creating long line-ups for vehicles.

The city is responsible for the work at the Old Airport Road intersection. It’s part of the long-awaited upgrades to water and sewer pipes in Northland trailer park.

Chris Greencorn, manager of Public Works and Engineering, said when the contractor was digging, they ran into some unexpected pipes.

"Basically we ran into a few snags underground which pushed us a little behind schedule," he said.

"We anticipated some delays in the project but we couldn't obviously pinpoint where they were or we could have planned accordingly. The flow is quite a bit for RTL to handle so we have to redirect all that sewage flow around the worksite."

Greencorn said the city is hoping to have the road back to normal in a couple of weeks.