River View Hotel

The River View Hotel in Whitehorse could be the second Yukon hotel to unionize.

Another hotel in the Yukon is looking to unionize.

Last summer, restaurant workers in the High Country Inn joined the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters.

Now, the same union has applied to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to represent staff at the River View Hotel.

Jeff Sloychuk is a union organizer with the United Association.

He says the move could affect the entire industry.

“The hotel and hospitality industry will always be here and will always grow, and if we can make these jobs stable, well-paying jobs for people then they'll stay in the hotels longer, and you'll have a better overall experience," Sloychuk says.

"It'll benefit tourism, it'll benefit the workers and it'll benefit the economy in the Yukon.”

Sloychuk says it plans to address issues under wages and job security.

Once the board certifies the union, collective bargaining may begin.

The certification process usually takes a month.