A 32-year-old Repulse Bay woman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in an Iqaluit courtroom Monday morning.

Joyce Kringuk admitted to killing Joani Kringayark, 47, in a Repulse Bay cabin in August 2008.

Kringuk and Kringayark shared half a 40-ounce bottle of whiskey on the night of the murder. They argued and he pushed her.

Kringuk then took Kringayark’s loaded rifle, which he kept in a separate room ready for his duties as a wildlife officer.

The two argued about Kringuk having sex with her father.

She pointed the rifle at the ceiling, closed her eyes and — knowing there was no chance she would miss — lowered the gun and fired. The shot hit him in the head.

Their two children, aged 2 and 7, were present and began to scream.

Kringuk left the cabin with the children and called for help on a CB radio.

Kringayark's nephew heard the call. He called two other nephews who went to the cabin and saw Kringayark in the kitchen. Upset, the two men punched Kringuk in the face.

RCMP arrived to find Kringuk outside with her two children. She admitted she had killed her partner, who she called "her best friend," and was arrested that night.

Lawyers will make their sentencing submissions Tuesday afternoon. Kringayark's family is expected to describe how the murder has impacted their lives.