The RCMP in Yellowknife is warning the public about an illegal drug responsible for several deaths in B.C. and Alberta.

RCMP say a form of ecstasy laced with paramethoxymethamphetamine (PMMA) is responsible for six deaths in Alberta in the last month, and 18 deaths in B.C. in the last six months.

The type of drug causing the deaths in Alberta and B.C. has not yet been found by police in the N.W.T., but RCMP say ecstasy is used here and this particular drug could find its way north.

This form of ecstasy has a delayed effect, which may cause users to take more.

Police say the user might experience hyperthermia, hypertension, agitation, confusion or convulsions. An overdose can result in brain hemorrhaging and death.

They urge anyone who has taken the drug and experiences these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

Ecstasy is usually distributed as a tablet, but can also be found as a powder or in a capsule.  Police ask anyone who may know of this drug circulating in the N.W.T. to contact their local detachment.