Iqaluit RCMP say they will investigate claims about work that was alleged to have taken place on the property of Peter Mackey, the head of Nunavut's public power utility.

Sgt. Greg Sutherland said a formal complaint has been filed with the RCMP, alleging that work was done by Qulliq Energy Corp. employees at an Iqaluit duplex, half of which is owned by Mackey.

Sutherland told CBC News that investigators will interview witnesses to find out if there was any wrongdoing involved.

"Our investigators are going to look into this and determine what, if anything, has occurred [that is] illegal," Sutherland said late Tuesday.

"If nothing has occurred illegally, then the investigation will end."

On June 7, South Baffin MLA Fred Schell tabled in the Nunavut legislature photocopies of photographs that showed work being done at House 4129.

'Not my personal residence': Mackey

After CBC News reported on Schell's allegations  last week, Qulliq Energy issued a news release saying the house in the photographs is not Mackey's personal residence.

"The residence in the photograph is not my personal residence but is in fact a dwelling owned and occupied by a family unrelated to me," Mackey stated in the release, which was issued late Thursday.

"Allegations that suggest the use of corporate resources for personal benefit are unfounded and incorrect."

The Qulliq Energy release accused CBC News of presenting "misinformation … prior to adequately checking their facts."

CBC News had obtained information, through the City of Iqaluit and the Nunavut government's land registry, that shows Mackey owns the left side of House 4129 and leases the land there.

Another Qulliq Energy manager, Grant Penney, owns the right side of the building and leases the land on that side, according to municipal and territorial government information.

Qulliq Energy has refused requests for interviews to comment on the allegations.