RCMP investigating after Whitehorse teen set on fire

Police say the 13-year-old boy was sprayed with an aerosol.

Whitehorse RCMP are investigating after a teenager's clothing was set on fire.  The incident happened about an hour after school let out on Monday at a bus stop near his school, in the Porter Creek neighbourhood.

Police say the 13 year old was sprayed with an aerosol and his clothing set alight.  He rolled in a nearby snowbank to extinguish the flames.

Constable Dean Hoogland says the incident could have potentially been much worse and police are considering assault charges.

"Police are taking it seriously and it is being fully investigated at this point given the ages of the youth,” he said.

“They are approximately 12 to 13 years of age, no names can be released. There was no injury, I know members are actively investigating it right now,” Hoogland said.