The RCMP issued a news release late Friday confirming that they are investigating an alleged assault last weekend in Fort Resolution, N.W.T.

The community's mayor said they've been waiting all week for some reassurance that the police are working on the case.


RCMP Cpl. Barry Ledoux says police won't comment on the assault investigation in Fort Resolution, N.W.T., as it is still ongoing.

RCMP say there are no suspects yet and no one has been charged.

"At this time I am not going to comment on the nature of the investigation as it is still ongoing," said Cpl. Barry Ledoux.

"There are still witnesses to be spoken to. We don't want to influence the witnesses by providing too much information as we'd like to get factual information from the witnesses and not have the information created for them."

They did confirm the alleged incident involves a young woman.

"I'd like to take the opportunity to let the community know that this was an assault," Ledoux said. "There's nothing further to add to it at this point."

The RCMP say there's no cause for alarm but Fort Resolution Mayor Gary Bailey said women in the community are anxious about their safety.

"Everyone has got to be cautious regardless of whether they say ‘It's all good, don't worry,’" said Bailey. "I mean, I’ve got daughters. I'd be taking them where they want to go at night, I don't care if the RCMP says it's ‘all good.’"