Rankin Inlet mayor doubts road to Manitoba will ever be built

Robert Janes, mayor of Rankin Inlet, says there is no money for such an ambitious project despite lobbying by Manitoba.

Province, Town of Churchill lobbying for road connection to Nunavut

The mayor of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, is doubtful a road between Manitoba and the territory will ever be built.

Robert Janes just returned from a meeting in Churchill, Man., with several stakeholders, including the Government of Manitoba. The meeting was called the Hudson Bay Neighbours Roundtable.

Janes said Manitoba and the Town of Churchill are lobbying to get a road built to help boost the economy.

But Janes said there is no money for such an ambitious project.

"You have to look at what are you getting out of it," he said.

"If you do the take offs from air cargo versus trucked services coming over a road, is there an economy? Is there an efficiency there? Would it work or is just a place to drive your truck if you want to go for a ride?"

Janes said a work plan was developed in 2010 between the Nunavut and Manitoba governments but so far there has not been any progress.

The federal government has estimated a winter road alone between Churchill and Rankin Inlet would cost $25 million to establish and $12 million a year to maintain.