Construction will begin this summer to create "multi-use" sidewalks along 52nd Avenue, which will be used by both walkers and cyclists.

The idea is to avoid painting regular bike lanes on the existing road, so motorists and cyclists' lanes are as distinct and separate as possible.

Mayor Mark Heyck says city council approved this particular model because it also gives enough room for everyone in high-traffic areas. 

"It's physically separated from traffic, particularly for families with children on bicycles or kids going to school and it's one of the reasons why we looked at 52nd Avenue because it does lead to the two high schools for example, there's another elementary school nearby so that's generally speaking sort of the safest type of cycling infrastructure." 

Heyck says 52nd Avenue is the only street that will get the raised bike lanes, which will require widening the sidewalks along the road. 

Other painted lanes will be added throughout the city, including along Franklin Avenue and 44th Street, as well as some that will connect downtown with the Frame Lake Trail.

The construction contract has been awarded to NWT Construction. 

Heyck is hoping work will done on the bike lanes by the end of this year's construction season.