Questions about military as TSB meets in Resolute

‘They excluded the military, like, 100 per cent,’ says Angela Idlout, one of about 60 residents who came out to hear about the Transportation Safety Board’s investigation in the deadly crash of August, 2011.

Federal officials from the Transportation Safety Board held a public meeting in Resolute, Nunavut this afternoon.

They were explaining the findings on First Air flight 6560, which crashed on a hill near the community in August 2011.

The report blamed several factors for the crash, including the weather and human error. It also found the military did not cause or contribute to the accident. The military was in the community at the time conducting Operation Nanook and had taken control of the airport communication station.

Angela Idlout, the hamlet’s senior administrative officer, was one of about 60 people at the meeting. She says some people raised concerns over whether the military could have played a role at the accident.

“They excluded the military, like, 100 per cent,” she says. “They should have been a little more honest and included them in certain areas a little more than they did. Right now they're trying to have zero responsibility for the whole thing."

The military exercise also involved a mock plane crash scenario.

In related news, First Air told CBC today it is reaching out-of court settlements with some of the families of the victims and the survivors.