The costs of repairing the airport runway in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut, keeps climbing as there is more flooding in the area and poor drainage.

The damage will now cost about twice as much as previously thought – about a quarter of a million dollars.

Earlier this month, a flush of water flooded down from a hill near the airport and damaged the gravel runway.

Shawn Maley, director of Nunavut Airports, said another spring flood hit late last week.

"We had another major flood that was worse than the two previous times, so that all of the work that we'd done on the runway was lost again," he said.

Maley said they needed to bring in an even bigger crew to help with repairs and, this time, focus on drainage.

"The culverts hadn't been cleaned in a while and that created an issue. And, you know, probably it wasn't an issue where water flow wasn't as great as it was this time, but this year we kind of got caught."

Maley said that maintaining culverts is the hamlet’s responsibility.

Nunavut Airports plans to give a refresher maintenance course this summer and an engineer will also assess the drainage system.

The airport is now back to full capacity after the latest flood.