Psychiatrist says N.W.T. man a very high risk to re-offend

A psychiatrist told a Yellowknife courtroom that Robert Walter Bonnetrouge has deviant sexual preference and an anti-social personality disorder. The doctor called it a combination that makes Bonnetrouge very likely to re-offend.

Doctor says Robert Walter Bonnetrouge has sexual deviance and anti-social personality disorder

A dangerous offender hearing began in Yellowknife Monday for a repeat sex offender.

A psychiatrist who examined Robert Walter Bonnetrouge said the Fort Providence, N.W.T., man has a dangerous combination of deviant sexual preference and anti-social personality disorder.

The Crown applied to have Bonnetrouge declared a dangerous offender after he was convicted a year and a half ago of sexually assaulting two girls in their mid-teens.

Bonnetrouge was 31 years old when he attacked the girls.

They were the fifth and sixth victims of sexual assaults he has committed dating back to the time he was a teenager.

Bonnetrouge hid his face as he arrived at the Yellowknife courthouse Monday afternoon.

Inside, he sat with his lawyer and listened to hours of testimony from a Toronto psychiatrist who examined him.

Dr. Scott Woodside said Bonnetrouge suffers from urges for sexual contact with pre-pubescent partners and fantasizes about forced sexual activity. Woodside said Bonnetrouge's criminal history shows that all of his victims were children or adolescents. He said Bonnetrouge also suffers from anti-social personality disorder.

Woodside said that combination is particularly bad; he said many people who are sexually attracted to children never act on it. But he said people who also have anti-social personality disorders don't consider the impact their actions will have on others, which makes them far more dangerous to children.

Woodside said Bonnetrouge scored the highest he's ever seen on a test designed to measure how likely it is a sex offender will re-offend.

Woodside was the first witness to testify at the hearing. Later, the defence will call its own psychiatrist.