The Yukon legislature shut down briefly Wednesday when two dozen young people protested the government’s plan for the Peel River watershed.

Brad Cathers, Energy, Mines and Resources Minister, was defending the proposed land use plan for the area when people seated in the gallery silently unfurled banners.


Yukon Energy, Mines and Resources Minister, Brad Cathers, was speaking when protesters unfurled banners opposing plans for the Peel River area.

This caused Speaker David Laxton to call a brief recess.

"I'll ask the members in the gallery to remove their signs. They are not permitted in the gallery at any time," he said from the floor.

Security guards and the clerk of the legislature cleared protesters from the chamber before politicians returned to resume their debate.

Outside, the protesters said they felt they had no other option because the government has so far refused to meet with them to discuss their concerns.