Prosecution wraps up in Whitehorse murder trial

Prosecutors in the Christina Marie Asp murder trial have concluded their case. Court last heard from an undercover police officer who posed as a female crime boss.

Court heard testimony from undercover police officer posing as female crime boss

Prosecutors in the Christina Marie Asp murder trial wrapped up their case Friday in Whitehorse.

It ended with the same videotaped admissions that opened the jury trial almost three months ago.

The video shows Asp confessing everything to "Ms. Big", the undercover policewoman Asp thought was a crime family boss.

The RCMP officer who played "Ms. Big" big is a veteran undercover officer who testified she "was a little nervous about the role," because it was the first time they had ever tried it with a woman.

She "didn't want to mess it up."

Two other police officers dressed in black suits and sunglasses and pretended to be her body guards.

Asp, believing her mock crime family employers would help get police off her tail, describes in detail how she and her boyfriend beat Gordon Seybold to death, then did all they could to cover it up.

It’s not yet known whether Asp’s lawyer will call witnesses for the defense.

Jurors are expected to reach a verdict before the week is out.