A cross at the top of Hospital Hill in Iqaluit was knocked down by vandals in Iqaluit on the weekend.

The prominent landmark has been there for three years.

Wednesday night, a group of citizens took it upon themselves to put another one back in its place. Rachel Idlout, along with her friends and family, hauled the large, cumbersome cross made out wood up the hill as the sun set.

Idlout said she saw many complaints on Facebook about people wanting another after the vandals destroyed the one that was there.

"A lot of them say they miss the cross because it gives them hope," she said.

Idlout said three years ago, her mother suffered a stroke and she went with her to Ottawa for treatment. When Idlout returned, the cross was at the top of the hill. Idlout's husband put the cross up.

Idlout’s friend Eulalie Ussak said she was happy to help out.

"I feel really good. I thought I couldn't do it but I did it."