Private company to take over Norman Wells post office

The post office in Norman Wells, N.W.T., is moving from the downtown core to Riverview Stationary and Supplies.

Office has had problems keeping staff

The post office in Norman Wells, N.W.T., is moving.

Canada Post says it is closing the downtown office because it can't keep enough staff. In the past, the service has had to fly in employees from Inuvik and Yellowknife to staff its office.

A private company, Riverview Stationery and Supplies, will take on the town's postal services in early June.

Gregor Harold McGregor, the Mayor of Norman Wells, said he's sure the private company will be up to the task of taking over the town's postal service. (CBC)

"My original response was of dismay sort of, but I think we have to give the private business a chance to prove they can do it. And I'm sure they can. They have promised us that there will be no change in the level of service," said Gregor Harold McGregor, the town’s mayor.

The new post office opens June 10, and is located about a half a kilometre outside the centre of town.

The old post office will close June 7.