Only two members of the public showed up at a meeting in Inuvik, N.W.T., Wednesday night to talk about a proposed hike in taxi fares.

The taxi companies want to raise the flat rate around town to $8 from $5 dollars, and the rate to the airport to $35 from $25. The fares haven't changed in 12 years.

Grant Hood, senior administrative officer for the Town of Inuvik, said the town wants the public's input before making the change but the meeting’s poor attendance makes it hard for council to make a decision.

"We understood there was a lot of talk within the town about it — even the taxi drivers talked about people who commented to them — but this was the forum where people would have a chance to express themselves, and they chose not to, I guess," he said.

"And so, it makes it difficult for council to go ahead as to how they want to proceed."

Hood says this type of turnout is "typical" for public meetings in Inuvik but he's not sure what else the town can do to get people to come out.

He said it already advertises in the paper, on the radio station, on the community cable channel and there are posters up. The town even made sure not to schedule the meeting on TV bingo night.

Hood expects town council to debate the fare hike at its next meeting.