Pond Inlet man not guilty in sexual assault trial

A man from Pond Inlet, Nunavut has been found not guilty of sexual assault and interference.

Ivan Mucpa has been found not guilty of sexual assault and sexual interference.

The 29-year-old Pond Inlet man was in court in Iqaluit for a one-day trial on Tuesday.

Mucpa was accused of sexual assault and sexual interference involving a five-year-old boy in Pond Inlet. The Crown called three witnesses at the trial, including the boy's 15 year old brother.

The older brother told the court he saw the incident take place on a night in February 2012. He said he walked into the bedroom and saw his younger brother asleep in his bed, with Mucpa in a chair next to the bed inappropriately touching him.

Mucpa denied the allegations. He said at the time he was in another room in the house smoking marijuana with three other adults.

The defence argued there was reasonable doubt because of discrepancies in the older brother's testimony. Using a doll, the older brother showed the court that Mucpa's hand was under the younger boy's pants. But he told RCMP the boy was touched over his pants.

In delivering her verdict, Justice Bonnie Tulloch said it would be dangerous to convict Mucpa based on the evidence, because the Crown did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Despite being found not guilty in this case, Mucpa isn't a free man. Last month, he was convicted of sexual assault in another case, and he will serve three years in federal penitentiary in the south.