Polar bears have feasted on about 20 beluga whales that got stuck in ice near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut.

Peter Kattuk is a hunter from Sanikiluaq. He came across the beluga whales while he was hunting polar bears about 100 kilometres southeast of the community.

Kattuk says most of the dead whales were calves that had been pulled to the surface.

"Some are still in the breathing hole but there was about 20 dead belugas on the ice that were killed by the polar bears," he said.

Kattuk counted eight polar bears close to the hole. One was shot by a hunter when it came too close.

Kattuk harvested eight whales on Wednesday which were distributed to people in Sanikiluaq.

He estimates that there are another 20 whales still stuck.

He said the remaining belugas will also be harvested and given to the community.