Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in Fort Smith, N.W.T., Friday his government is prepared to invest up to $4 million to help Northerners grow their own food.

Harper made the announcement during his second stop on this year's northern tour.

Of the money, $2 million will go towards building a permanent campus for the Northern Farm Training Institute in Hay River, N.W.T.

Harper North 20140822

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is greeted as he arrives in Fort Smith, N.W.T. Friday. (The Canadian Press)

"We're already seeing Northern ingenuity — Canadian ingenuity — confounding conventional wisdom by finding ways to produce fruit and vegetables in unconventional places," Harper said.

"There is now commercial potato farming in Norman Wells. There is a thriving farmers' market in Yellowknife. There are even greenhouses in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk north of the Arctic Circle."

The money will allow the two-year-old school run programs year-round. Its permanent campus will be on about 120 hectares of farmland with greenhouses, offices and classrooms.

Harper also announced about $2 million in funding to help design year-round commercial greenhouses for Northern communities.