A young American pilot on a round-the-world solo trip in small plane ended up spending the week in Iqaluit after forgetting his passport.

Jack Wiegand, 20, is trying to set a Guinness World Record as the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world.

His trip from Fresno, Calif., across the continent to Morristown, N.J., and then north to Iqaluit was uneventful.

But when he arrived in Iqaluit on Monday, he was embarrassed to discover he'd forgotten his passport. It turned out he'd left it on the photocopier at home.

Canada Border Services officials in Iqaluit couldn't let him continue until he produced his passport, so he spent the week in Iqaluit.

The passport arrived by courier on Thursday.

Wiegand was back in the air on Friday morning at 7 a.m. on his way to Iceland.