A petition was presented to Iqaluit City Council Tuesday night on behalf of rent payers urging homeowners and landlords to vote in favour of new aquatic centre.

The city is asking ratepayers in a referendum whether it can borrow up to $40 million to build the facility.

Iqaluit resident Andrew Maher presented the petition to council.

"We have somewhere between 30 and 50 signatures, all from people who are renters in Iqaluit. This was a very informal petition, but I think it does show support for the project, and that renters want to be engaged," he said.

Only about 500 registered property tax payers in Iqaluit will be eligible to vote in next week's referendum — a fraction of the city's 7,000 residents.

The reason so few get to decide for so many is determined by the Cities, Towns and Villages Act, which was carried over from the Northwest Territories.

Iqaluit city Councillor Mat Knicklebein said the city's hands are tied.

"I think it's quite obvious how as a community we are all going to have our thumbs in this pie and as renter, or homeowners, your landlords will pass on any raises to you," said Knicklebein.

The referendum takes place on voting day, which is Oct.15.