A petition is calling for the removal of the chief and council in Wrigley, N.W.T.

The document started by Rose Moses has 42 signatures. Moses said she started the petition because she has concerns about finances and employment in the community of about 120 people.

She said the band’s money is being controlled by people outside the community.


About 120 people live in the community of Wrigley, N.W.T. (Google)

"Even when we went into co-management it was still being taken care of here. But now we don't even have a finance person so we can't go to someone and say ‘what's going on with our finances’," said Moses.

Brad Enge, the band manager, said the petition is a personal attack from Moses about business between her and the band office.

Enge said the band was slow to pay its employees for recent work.

"With all the activity, it was like a tsunami wave hitting us and it was really stressful for our employees to keep up with all the payroll, paying our suppliers, service providers and whatnot so yeah, we got behind, but I think we're pretty much caught up now," he said.

Enge said the chief and council will hold a public meeting to discuss the petition, but they have not yet decided when it will be.