Yukon Party Leader Darrell Pasloski has apologized for snubbing the chiefs. (CBC)

Yukon Party leader Darrell Pasloski says he's sorry he didn't accept an invitation to meet with the Council of Yukon First Nations earlier this week.

The council had invited all party leaders to meet with the chiefs to talk about issues such as resource revenue sharing and the recommendations of the Peel watershed planning commission.

Only Pasloski declined. He said he had other commitments and had already met with 13 of the 14 chiefs, on an individual basis, over the past few months.

The chiefs called his response rude and disrespectful. They also said it showed a lack of commitment by the Yukon Party to work with First Nations.

At his first news conference held since calling the election on Sept. 9, Pasloski apologized for snubbing the chiefs.

He said a letter had been written explaining his decision, but it was never sent.

"I have stated many times my commitment to ensure that First Nations are equal partners in the Yukon economy and that we will work together to address all the issues for Yukon First Nations and for all Yukoners," he told reporters.