Greg Horne, a resource management officer with Parks Canada, recently shared with CBC North's Trail's End a glimpse into the caves of Wood Buffalo National Park.

N.W.T.'s Nahanni National Park Reserve has more caves than any other park in the country, but Wood Buffalo has at least three.

Horne, who is based in Jasper, Alta., has been to Wood Buffalo three times this year to learn more about what's in the parks' caves. 

The locations of the cave entrances are kept secret.

"Protection of the cave from people who innocently don't know how to travel safely or how to protect resources in the cave is important," he said.

"And also there can be a certain sector of the population that likes to vandalize things including caves, whether it be disturbing bats or breaking formations, so cavers and cave managers as in national parks typically don't advertise locations of caves as one of the strategies to protect them." 

He'll be back in the South Slave region this summer to continue spelunking.