Tuesday is the last day of class for most elementary school students in Whitehorse, but parents are being given homework for the summer: they're being asked to review changes to the school bus routes in the city.

"The school bus routes are being re-aligned," says Mark Hill, a spokesperson for the Yukon Department of Education.

Whitehorse school bus

The Yukon Department of Education is proposing changes to several of the 40 school bus routes in Whitehorse. (CBC)

"Over time bus routes evolved and some of them became pretty tangled and pretty indirect. We were seeing kids on buses for 20-30 minutes longer than they needed to be and there were buses going down roads that were not suited for buses, particularly in the winter."

The changes include several of the 40 school bus routes in the city.

The education department has also created new forms for parents wishing to send their child on a school bus to a destination other than home and school.

Details on the new routes, and the forms, will be made public Wednesday on the Department of Education's website.