The Yukon Wildlife Preserve has another successful rehabilitation story: It has released a northern hawk owl back into the wild.


The hawk owl is native to Canada's northern boreal forest. ((Steve Fischer/CBC))

The owl had suffered a concussion and broken tibia when it was struck by a car in January, and was brought to the preserve for treatment.

The patient took flight last week from the preserve, which is 25 kilometres northwest of Whitehorse and home to many broken and bruised animals needing treatment.

"Fortunately, she recovered well, and her bones grew back together and she's doing well," said Maria Hallock, the preserve's veterinarian.

"We were ready to release her at the end of February, but because there was too much snow on the ground, [it was decided] she probably wouldn't be able to find food," she said.

Hallock said she was looking out for the best interest of the owl by allowing her to stay until now.

"Most the birds and the animals that come from the wild are very stressed and in pain, and you have to make sure you don't make it worse. So you put them in a quiet place and you look after them and make sure they get food," she said.