A Whitehorse hotel was the scene of duelling consultations on Peel land use Monday.

About 10 Yukon government bureaucrats were in one section of the Gold Rush Inn. They were explaining the government’s latest proposal, which opponents say opens up most of the Peel region to mineral development.

The Yukon government rejected the Peel Watershed Planning Commission’s 2011 final plan for the area. The commission’s final report had recommended protecting 80 per cent of the central Yukon wilderness area from development.

"The final recommended plan was what we should be talking about now, not modifications to that plan. I've read the relevant section of the umbrella Final Agreement and it seems to me that they've stepped outside the process," said Gord Bradshaw, who made a submission to the government on the latest plan.


A Yukoner checks out some of the maps about the Peel region provided by the Yukon government at the Gold Rush Inn Monday. (Leonard Linklater/CBC)

On the other side of the same hotel, four volunteers from the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) were holding their own open house.

CPAWS outreach co-ordinator Jody Overduin said they wanted to counter the information being put out by the government on the planning process that she says is misleading.

Overduin said that misleading information includes redefining terms to suggest there is more protection for the region than there actually is.