On the road, N.W.T. reality TV trapper defends his livelihood

Andrew Stanley, star of the reality show ‘Fur Harvesters NWT’ attended a fur auction in Finland recently, and has had a few encounters with Europeans who don’t understand why he does what he does.

A trapper from Hay River, N.W.T. is getting a taste of life outside of Canada.

Andrew Stanley is the star of the reality TV show Fur Harvesters NWT.

Filming of a recent episode took him on his first trip outside the country to a fur auction in Finland.

And he says it’s not just seal skin that seems to get some in Europe upset.

He's had a few encounters with locals who didn't understand why he does what he does.  

“I was out the other night talking to some locals and they asked me where I was from and I told them I was a trapper, and once I explained to them what the animal was then, right away, they’re vegetarians and they’re opposed to the fur trade and they were rambling on… ‘there's no need for trapping fur anymore.’ and I explained to them it's a really important part of our culture.”

The trip to Finland, along with a trip to a fur auction in North Bay, Ontario, will all be part of future episodes. 

It will air this fall on Wild TV, NWTel Cable and Vimeo On Demand.