Shannon Gullberg has been appointed as N.W.T.'s languages commissioner after serving as acting commissioner since March.

Gullberg previously served in the post from 2004-2008.

She replaces Snookie Catholique who resigned for personal reasons earlier this year.

Gullberg says she wants to focus on how the territory is providing health care to people whose main language isn't English.

She says she will be travelling to the communities in the coming months to meet with chiefs "and hopefully get some dialogue going on how can we make sure that people can use their language rights in health care settings effectively, and to make sure their level of service isn't compromised."

She recently recommended the N.W.T. allow for names that contain Dene fonts, diacritical marks and symbols on its official ID, after a mother filed a complaint that she was not permitted to have a glottal stop in her daughter's name when registering her birth.