The case of a Nunavut man whose murder conviction was overturned is going to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Chris Bishop was convicted in 2010 of murdering three people and wounding two others in Cambridge Bay.


The Crown is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to maintain the guilty verdict in the case of Chris Bishop, who was convicted in 2010 of three murders and two attempted murders in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. (CBC)

His defence lawyer appealed the decision saying the trial judge allowed a witness to wrongly taint Bishop's character while not allowing evidence about the violent nature of some of the deceased.

In January, the Nunavut Court of Appeal agreed to throw out the guilty verdict and ordered a new trial.

But the Crown doesn't agree with the Court of Appeal's decision, and is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to maintain the guilty verdict.

Bishop was living in Cambridge Bay in 2007 when a group broke down his door and rushed inside. Bishop shot and killed three men, and wounded two other people.

At the trial held in 2010, a judge called it one of the most tragic incidents in Nunavut history; a night of hard drinking was followed by a violent home invasion and an explosion of gunfire. At the time, Bishop’s lawyers said it was self-defence. 

Bishop has been in custody since 2007. His legal counsel plans to file an application to try and get him out on bail.

Bishop will next appear in court on Sept. 9 in Iqaluit.