Nunavut students turn to crowdsourcing for TO trip

Students and teachers in Hall Beach, Nunavut, are raising money on the indiegogo website.

Students and teachers in Hall Beach, Nunavut, have gone to the internet to raise money for a trip to Toronto.

And it’s paying off.

As of Tuesday afternoon they had raised more than $8,000 on the crowd sourcing indiegogo web page. Their goal is $10,000, but they actually need $40,000.

Their pitch for donations tugs at the heartstrings.

“We'd like to touch a tree, go swimming and to a restaurant! We've read about these things but haven't experienced them and we'd really like to go with your help,” their web page says.

The grade five students have also been fund raising by holding bake sales, canteens and shovelling snow.

Their teacher, Janice Beardsley, says they're excited about visiting the CN Tower and experience swimming and subways on the educational trip.

“Hopefully it will spur some of them to want to continue on with their education and then bring that education back up here to help the people and their community,”  Janice Beardsley.

There are perks for donating. For example $10 donations will get a thank you card. For $25 there's a compact disc with photos of Hall Beach, for $150 an ulu, $500 dollars gets a carving and for $1,000 a pair of seal skin mittens.