Nunavut steers clear of port picks

The Nunavut government says it doesn't care where Ottawa builds a new deep water port, as long as it is somewhere in its territory.

The exact location of a new deep water port doesn't matter to the Nunavut government, as long as it's built somewhere in the territory, Economic Development Minister Olayuk Akesuk says.

The federal government made an election promise to build a port in Iqaluit, but nowsays six other Nunavut locationsare also under consideration.

They are Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay, Kimmirut, Bathurst Inlet, Nanisvik and the old Polaris mine site on Little Cornwallis Island.

Akesuk says the Nunavut government does not favour one location over another.

"We're jockeying for each and every one of these areas to come up how it would be best," said Akesuk.

"It would be really up to the federal government where they want to put the site, so we're in support of wherever they put it."

Akesuk wouldn't elaborate on howthe sites were chosen, saying only that "the federal government has been coming around now for the last couple of years looking at where they want [it] to be."

Earlier this week, the former commander of the military in the North, retired colonel Pierre Leblanc, saidResolute Bay on Cornwallis Island is the place to build a new port because of its central location.

TheNorthwest Territories wants the federal government to build a deep water port on its northern coast at Tuktoyaktuk.