Tourism officials in Nunavut say the territory got a bargain when CTV came to visit last July.

The territory pitched in $233,000 for CTV’s Canada AM crew to broadcast their show live from Iqaluit.

The show covered a range of topics, from arts and culture to mining and fishing.

Colleen Dupuis, the CEO of Nunavut Tourism, said the show helped to boost the territory’s profile across the country.

"Usually when we talk to other provinces or territories, they think we were in seven figures and we were not, by a long shot. We did this very, very cost-effectively," said Dupuis.

Documents obtained by CBC through an Access to Information request show a special grant through the Department of Economic Development and Transportation covered the cost of the visit.

The funding covered things such as security, catering, accommodations and special equipment for the broadcast. It didn't cover any salaries.

Dupuis says the amount of exposure Nunavut received from the shows is a steal. 

"If we had bought that amount of advertising on that show, it probably would've cost us four to five times that amount."

Nunavut Tourism also paid for a technical site visit ahead of the July broadcasts.

Dupuis says the feedback has been positive.

Traffic to the new Nunavut Tourism website was four times higher around the time the Canada AM shows aired.