Some Nunavut schools are finding new ways to help students protect themselves against sexual abuse.

In the last month, three Nunavut teachers in three different communities have been charged with sex-related offences against students. Those allegations have yet to be proven in court.

But for many parents, they've raised concerns about sexual abuse awareness.  

Kathy Okpik, Nunavut's deputy minister of education, said awareness and prevention is in the curriculum.

"In Grade 3 it starts talking about good touch-bad touch," she said.

But some schools are going beyond that. Every year the Rachel Arngnammaktiq elementary school in Baker Lake invites people from a local counselling group to come talk to kids in Grade 3 to 5 about sexual abuse.  

Jean Pudnak, the school’s community counsellor said this year they'll be including the younger grades, too, "So that they will know who to go to for help if they do experience any bad touches."

Jenny Tierney with the Embrace Life Council in Iqaluit just received a new Be Safe kit produced by the Canadian Red Cross.  The kit includes books, CDs and lesson plans for teachers to talk about sexual abuse with kids aged 5 to 9.

"It's talking to kids about what their body is, and how their body is theirs," she said.

Last month, Tierney sent out an email asking schools to let her know if they would like a kit.

"It came back overwhelmingly yes, so we purchased 39 kits to send out into the schools when the program is launched in May."

Tierney said preventing child sexual abuse is one of the priorities under the action plan of Nunavut’s suicide prevention strategy.