Nunavut singer/songwriter Kelly Fraser and her band have released their first CD, Isuma or Think in English. 


Sanikiluaq, located on an island in Hudson Bay, is Nunavut's southernmost community. ((CBC))

In the last two years, Fraser has been slowly building her singing career by performing in northern festivals and releasing her own Inuktitut versions of popular songs, such at Rihanna's Diamonds, on YouTube. 

  • LISTEN Click below to hear Kelly Fraser sing the title song, Isuma

On her first album, seven of the songs are original works written by Fraser and her Sanikiluaq bandmates.

The other three are covers, including a song from Larry Audlaluk of Grise Fiord and the late Charlie Adams of Nunavik.

"Charlie Adams, for us Inuit, he is a legend,” Fraser says. β€œHe is our Elvis. He's a legend here and I've always liked his music. I met him once when I was six years old and I remember I was so proud.”

Fraser says the title song, Isuma, is her favourite.

She says it's the first song she wrote with the band when she was 15.

All of the songs are in Inuktitut, with some English lyrics.

Fraser says she believes in music in Inuktitut and wants to ensure the language thrives.

The CD is on sale at various locations, including Google Play and Arctic Ventures Marketplace in Iqaluit.

It will soon be available on iTunes.