Nunavut regulators have begun the formal review of Baffinland's new plans for a proposed iron ore mine at Mary River, Nunavut.

The Nunavut Impact Review Board is asking for interested parties to review the plans and comment.

The Baffinland iron ore mine at Mary River, Nunavut was approved last year, but in January, the company announced a change of plans.

Those changes involved shipping the ore out of Milne Inlet. Regulators decided that called for another public review.

Interested parties now have until Oct. 15 to provide comments to the Nunavut Impact Review Board. 

Baffinland is sticking to its original plan to build a railway and port at Steensby Inlet, but the company says that development will come later. Baffinland says shipping from Milne Inlet means it can start making money sooner.