The Nunavut government will open a new mental health facility in Iqaluit this fall.

The plan is to spend more than $2 million to refurbish the former medical boarding home next to Inuksuk High School. It would replace the existing Akausisarvik facility.


Peter Ma, Nunavut's deputy minister of Health and Social Services, says $2.4 million will be spent to re-purpose Iqaluit's old medical boarding home to house existing clients from the current Akausisarvik mental health facility. (CBC)

Deputy Health and Social Services minister Peter Ma said that building is at capacity.

"The intent of that $2.4 million was to re-purpose the old boarding home, so we can move all of our existing clients from Akausisarvik, which is just up the hill from the hospital, where we have mental health clients or day patients, to move them down to the old boarding home," he said.

"Part of the medium-term plan is to provide additional programming, enhanced programming, to accommodate more clients."  

Ma couldn't say what sort of additional programming the facility might provide, or how many people it will accommodate.

Work on the building is expected to begin soon. Ma said it is expected to be open to patients in the fall.