Female high kick

Alberta North's Kira Mullally kicks the 6-foot mark in the junior female one-foot high kick Thursday, March 9, 2006, during the Arctic Winter Games in Kenai, Alaska. Kira placed eighth in the event. (AP Photo/Matt Hage)

A group of parents is trying to make the trip from Nunavut to the Arctic Winter Games in Alaska a little cheaper.

They've set up a charter from Yellowknife to Fairbanks, and First Air is providing discounts on flights from Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit to the N.W.T. capital.

Corrine Attagutsiak of Iqaluit is organizing the flights. Her son is playing for Nunavut's hockey team. 

"In Iqaluit is one departure, Rankin is another departure," she said. "So if you're from Coral Harbour, if you're from Baker Lake or Arviat, you can actually just get to Rankin and then get your discounts from there."

Attagutsiak says the group needs to sell at least a hundred seats on the charter for it to take off. So far 74 tickets have been sold.