Attendees at an elders' conference in Iqaluit held a seniors' soccer match Wednesday using a sealskin ball. Elders from Nunavut competed against elders from Nunavik. 

The game was intense, fun, and contained its own fair share of falls. It's one of many activities being held this week for the conference, which is proving a hit with participants, according to Joanie Ikkidluak of Kimmirut.

"They're socializing, and it's a way of healing for them when they would actually just be home doing nothing," he said in Inuktitut. "It's a good healing process when they're travelling to see other elders."

The annual gathering of elders is growing every year, but it's up to individuals or groups to cover their own costs. This year, Iqaluit is holding the gathering, but next year, it will move to another community in Nunavik.

The cost hasn't stopped Johnny of Kangirsujuaq, Nunavik, from attending the gathering for the first time.

"It's rewarding to see some elders from other communities, and more rewarding to see relatives that you have not met before," he said.

"It's very interesting."

Elders' soccer Iqaluit

Attendees at an elders' conference in Iqaluit held a seniors soccer match Wednesday, where Nunavut took on Nunavik. (Jordan Konek/CBC)