Nunavut's newly elected politicians will select the territory's premier, speaker, and most of its cabinet ministers in a leadership forum scheduled for Nov. 14.

Members of the territory's third legislative assembly announced the forum date Friday afternoon.

Eighteen of Nunavut's 19 MLAs, most of whom were elected in the Oct. 27 general election, were in Iqaluit this week for an orientation session at the legislature. One MLA, Fred Schell of South Baffin, was elected in a byelection held Nov. 3.

In a news release, MLAs said they decided to leave one of the seven ministerial spots unfilled until early next year, so that the MLA for Akulliq could take part in the race for that seat. The Akulliq MLA will be elected in a byelection scheduled for Dec. 15.

The leadership forum will begin at 10 a.m. ET at the legislature. The event is open to the public, and will also be broadcast live across the territory on local community cable channels.

Under Nunavut's consensus model of government, MLAs select the premier and cabinet members among their own ranks at the leadership forum, usually held two to three weeks after the election.

Selection of the premier and cabinet will be made by secret ballot.