Nunavut MLAs are arriving in Iqaluit for the final sitting of the Third Legislative Assembly that starts Thursday.

It will be a short session, but MLAs have five bills to pass this sitting and three of them are big ones: the Act to the Amend the Liquor Act, the Representative for Children and Youth Act and the Public Service Act.


Government House Leader Lorne Kusugak says Nunavut MLAs will have to work hard to get bills passed in this last short session before the election. (CBC)

Government House Leader Lorne Kusugak says MLAs will have to work hard to get the bills passed.

"If and when bills are passed, they're passed in due process and vetted through very carefully by all participants," he said. "And then they move on forward."

This sitting is scheduled for less than two weeks. Any bills that don't pass will die on the floor.

Quttiktuq MLA Ron Elliott wants to get through all the legislation since the members extended the assembly by a year to do that.

Elliott said it will be hard to get through it all but he says a lot of work happens behind the scenes in committee meetings and community consultations.

"In the end, when you're in there and everyone's going ‘Agreed, agreed,’ it looks like we're rubber stamping it, but it comes from a lot of questioning before," he said.

Elliott said some legislation — like the Liquor Act amendments — could become election issues when the writ drops later this month.