A Nunavut MLA is raising concerns over mold found in some public housing units in the territory.

MLAs have been talking about the state of public housing units in the territory. On Friday, Akulliq MLA John Ningark had questions for the Minister Responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation. He wanted to know if Peter Taptuna had been informed that the Corporation's new houses have mold.

Ningark said some of the houses are less than five years old.

Taptuna said the government is aware of the problem, but he said tenants need to report mold to their local housing organization.

Taptuna said there are different types of mold that can affect housing. He said the reason it appears in units is because of lifestyle or air circulation.

"Most new units have air circulation equipment and once that equipment is turned off or malfunctioning, that’s the reason some of the mold is forming."

Taptuna said that if tenants report malfunctioning air circulation equipment and nothing is done, they have the right to report it to the district office.

But Ningark said he wants more done – he said all units should be inspected during construction to make sure they are properly built.

Taptuna said that is being done, and repeated that it's up tenants to report mold to the housing organization.