Nunavut's leasehold title system will face a referendum in May of 2016, as residents will vote in a territory-wide referendum to answer the question of whether cities and hamlets will be able to sell their municipal lands.

According to a news release issued Tuesday by the Nunavut government, the referendum will be held on May 9. Voters will answer the question: "do you want the municipality of (city or hamlet name) to be able to sell municipal lands?"

Under Nunavut's Land Claims Agreement, at any time after 20 years, a referendum may be held on whether to maintain or change the territory's leasehold title system. The territory's last land referendum took place in 1995.

"The outcome of the referendum will determine whether Nunavut municipalities can sell municipal lands or continue leasing them in the current manner," Joe Savikataaq, the territory's Minister of Community and Government Services, said in the release. "It's once again time for municipal voters to choose whether to remove or keep the restriction on the sale of lands." 

If voters vote "yes" to the referendum question, Nunavut hamlet and city councils will be able to sell municipal lots to individuals or companies. With a "no" vote, hamlet and city councils will continue to lease municipally-owned lands for a fee. 

According to the release, community information meetings will be held across the territory starting in February.