Nunavut's senior judge is looking for an alternative to a jail sentence for a man with FASD convicted of sexual assault.

Justice Robert Kilpatrick has asked the lawyer for Peter Joamie, 23, to be creative and present sentencing alternatives other than Baffin Correctional Centre.

In January 2010, when Joamie was 19, he was at a house party in Iqaluit. He was drunk and tried to sexually assault a woman who was passed out.

He pleaded guilty to the offence.

Joamie has fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. His mother testified in court that he has always had problems expressing his feelings. She said that since he was charged his life has been put on hold.

She added she loves him but he has to pay the consequences of his actions.   The crown asked for a year in jail as an appropriate sentence, but Kilpatrick said Joamie needs treatment and jail might not be the answer.

He said that while the Government of Nunavut may not be ready to foot the bill, it would be in the best interest of Joamie and the general public.

Joamie will remain on conditions until his next court appearance on July 15.